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How well did we play this hand?

PokerMoose is designed for instant results, here we review a hand played at $0.25/ $0.50.

Every opponent, every situation, PokerMoose has the solution.


Mixed Strategies.

The program calculates the best way to play your whole range, then applies a randomiser to output a perfect strategy, everytime.

PokerMoose is a leading real-time poker solver.

Our aim is to democraise winning poker to as many as we can, utisiling leading strategic and technological innovations in our effort to provide the best value to users at all times.

Immediate feedback.

For any situation, the software will return a result instantly, for no-nonsense real-time GTO.

Multi-table views.

Compare different situations simultaneously, for as many tables as you require, so you dont have to slow down the action.

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